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Consulting Services 

In addition to being a highly proficient therapist, Dr. NieKamp is learned in organizational psychology and the psychology of leadership.  Dr. NieKamp is the creator of the Triad Team Model, a model applicable to any department at every level of management.

Dr. NieKamp works at the C, E and F level with managers and employees to pinpoint the intersection of personal and professional needs and to increase awareness of relational dynamics in an effort to increase each individual team members' sense of agency and productivity. Dr. NieKamp seeks to craft effective teams creating what he calls, the Gyroscope Effect - the complementary and increasingly powerful synergy that teammates create when each one is working on target in his/her most effective manner. 

To read more about Dr. NieKamp's perspective on how superb work teams can operate, click here for the article Building Successful Teams or here for the article Making Accurate Assessments.

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To make and appointment for a business consultation, please call us at (630) 377-1695.

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