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Psychological Services

Dr. David NieKamp is the founder and Executive Director of Signature. Dr. NieKamp obtained his M.A. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College, and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Regarding his work, Dr. Dave says,

"Clinical psychology is an art form. It requires a sensitivity to the unique facets of each individual, couple and family. Though life may 

be somewhat linear, there are many elements that require a more fluid and creative understanding of the various dynamics in the person's life and relationships.

Working with individuals and families is very rewarding. Interacting and enhancing their inherent skill sets, as well as exploring their histories for potential emotional blind spots, is key to effective personal healing and relational reconciliation.

Emotional and psychological well being rests on numerous factors. These factors are both historical and concurrent. Additionally, each person carries various coping skills and resources that need to be utilized, enhanced and incorporated to establish an effective protocol when contending with life's innate struggles and challenges. Healthy relationships, personal and professional, are the antidote to many of life's difficulties. Removing barriers that limit our relationships is key to establishing a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle."

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