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Dr. Paul Sather, Ph.D.

My ideal client is concerned about issues beyond the superficial. Typically, they are struggling with their current situational circumstances and the emotional turmoil that has resulted from those circumstances. This often includes conflicts in their relationship with God. 

Dr. Paul Sather

I am deeply committed to helping my clients heal their emotional turmoil, increase their connection with God, and find peace. I find that the clients that benefit most from my therapy are intelligent, motivated, and honest. They are willing to admit their need for help and are often struggling with who they really are.

I specialize in dealing with issues of spirituality, control and identity. In addition to one-on-one counseling, I offer psychological testing where appropriate for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Scripture and a Christian worldview form the foundation of my understanding of people and their psychological functioning.

I treat people holistically. By this I mean that the emotional, physical, spiritual, and social areas of a person's life are equally important. All former patients are welcome to contact me. I would love to continue to see you. Please call or email me to set up an appointment.

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