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Natalie Pamphile, Psy.D.

Dr. Natalie Pamphile hails originally from New York City, where she was raised by immigrant parents who taught her to work hard, follow her ideals and cultivate a deep sense of mission. As the daughter of a law enforcement officer, she learned early on to be a keen observer of her surroundings, as well as a student of human behavior. After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology in upstate New York, she moved to south Florida, where she worked as a case manager, coordinating care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. She then obtained her M.A. in counseling psychology at Trinity International University, Miami Campus.

After earning her M.A., Dr. Pamphile continued to work with individuals with HIV/AIDS, this time as an assessment counselor at a residential substance abuse treatment program in Ft. Lauderdale. There, she had the opportunity to provide group therapy, in addition to doing assessments on-site in her office as well as in jails, hospitals and homeless shelters. During her time working with not-for-profit HIV/AIDS service organizations, she became interested in program development and curriculum design, which led her to pursue her doctorate in clinical psychology at Wheaton College. During her time in Wheaton College’s doctoral program, she worked on psychiatric wards and in partial hospitalization programs, where she honed her diagnostic skills and gleaned all the psychiatric knowledge she could from various consulting psychiatrists.

Dr. Pamphile then went on to work in private practice, where she was fortunate to work primarily with adolescents, a population she has enjoyed since her days as a youth group leader in her home church in south Florida. She has worked part-time with Signature Consulting & Psychological Services since she was a doctoral student at Wheaton College, and now works full-time at Signature, doing psychological evaluations, psychotherapy for individuals and families, psychological testing and curriculum design. She enjoys working on issues of identity development and spirituality, in addition to mood disturbances, life stressors and relationship challenges.  Dr. Pamphile views people as shaped primarily by the need for relationship, along with biology, spirituality, socio-economic factors, and family of origin patterns.
When she is not working, Dr. Pamphile enjoys live rock concerts, car shows, all things Lord of the Rings, Pinterest DIY projects and international travel.

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